Hi My Name is Sadie Weiss, and I am 10 years old. 

You may know me from my Future Stars Volleyball League blog – My First Volleyball League at Future Stars.

I had A LOT fun playing Volleyball and I made a lot of new friends but I am excited to try basketball.

I want try Basketball because that’s what I play during school recess.  Future Stars team selection for new players is March 3rd, and I have 2 weeks to practice.  My dad set up a bunch of drills that I am doing everyday.  My favorite drill is dribbling two balls at the same time!  I started with only being able to dribble two ball three times NOT GOOD! But I practiced, practiced, and practiced.

Sadie New Shoes Nike

ya know sometimes I just Don’t FEEL LIKE practicing, and I’d rather snap chat my friends but as my dad says “just power through it”.

Now I can two dribble the balls at the same time 200 times EASY!!! Coach Peter says HARD WORK, PAYS OFF and IT DOES.

Because I practiced soooo hard and I have a good attitude most of the time (muhahaha) my mom bought me new SUPER SWEET NIKE BASKETBALL SHOES!!!  She calls them “STEPS” ?!?!?!?! They are the same as my school BFF Taylor, she is very cool and good basketball player.

All the new basketball players came to team selection and the owner Coach Peter talked to the parents.  Coach Peter player is a HUGE dude, he played professional basketball for many years, and I am excited to learn from him.

Future Stars Basketball Team Selection

All the kids split into age groups to do a bunch of drills.  The coach at my station was super cool, a good shooter, and intense ( but I forgot his name sorry, sorry sorry don’t make me do extra laps ).  My first practice is Tuesday and I am ready to get started.


Future Stars Glendale, AZ