My First Volleyball Camp Experience at LiveWire

Coach Kelly at LiveWire VB
Coach Kelly was awesome!!!
By Sadie Weiss | 10 Years Old | Phoenix, Arizona


I was so excited when I woke up this morning, first thing I put on my outfit that I thought would be good for volleyball. On the drive to LiveWire I felt like I was going to do amazing, even though my brother kept being a pest, I was focused.

Once I got to LiveWire I thought the place sooo huge and fantastic. There were a lot of older girls there working hard and looked really good.  My dad checked me in and I got to meet my coaches!!!

“Coach Kelly and Nicole were so nice and I knew they were gonna help me get good at volleyball.”  

Then we practiced a bunch of fun drills for an hour. First the coaches taught us the proper stance while waiting for the ball to come, then how to hit the ball properly. The drill I liked the best is when we got to practice serving. I think I did pretty good, the coach gave me a lot of tips and we did it over and over.

Coach Kelly said I did really good for my fist time playing volleyball. I wish the practice would have lasted a lot longer, is was sooooo fun.  I can’t wait to come back next Saturday and bring some of my friends.

P.S. My dad said if I practice at home 3 times this week, he will by me a pink LiveWire t-shirt, woot-woot !!!

Click here to visit LiveWire’s website to learn more and I hope to see you there next week!

LiveWire Volleyball Camp Collage