Pinnacle Charter Schools encourages students to achieve athletic and academic goals for life success.

Score With Pinnacle!

Pinnacle Charter Schools and AZ College Preparatory Academy are ideal choices for middle and high school student-athletes. The flexibility of Pinnacle Charter School Online Sports Phoenix AZour academic programs makes it easier for student-athletes to graduate high school and be accepted to NCAA-member institutions while still maintaining a rigorous training schedule.

Parents of student-athletes at Pinnacle Charter Schools and AZ College Preparatory Academy can easily see the many benefits of our flexible educational programs on a daily basis. Our student-athletes develop strong time-management skills and a heightened sense of intrinsic motivation and responsibility to achieve both academic and extra-curricular success. At Pinnacle and AZCPA, they can pursue their personal goals and interests, especially athletics, while experiencing an exceptional college-preparatory education.

Our goal at Pinnacle Charter Schools and AZ College Preparatory Academy is to set up student-athletes for athletic and academic success at the next level. Score with Pinnacle!

Pinnacle Campuses

Many Pinnacle students enroll at one of the campus sites located throughout Arizona. Pinnacle currently operates campuses in Tempe, Mesa, Casa Grande, and Nogales, and more sites are planned to be up and running soon. Each site offers students access to an academic program delivered through a web-based portal, MSTAR that provides instruction in core subjects such as Language Arts (English), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Health & Fitness, as well as a wide variety of electives. Campus-based students have the additional advantage of working one-on-one with experienced, onsite intervention specialists who can help students understand concepts and work with them to complete assignments. Pinnacle campuses have two major advantages over other public, private and charter schools:

• Technology skills prepare students for the future. Technology skills are important for learner success in school and in life in an increasingly competitive world. At all sites students use desktop and laptop computers to access curriculum and to communicate with teachers.

• Self-paced learning system allows students to progress as quickly as they wish. Students who want to move quickly can complete multiple lessons in a single day, rather than waiting for other students to progress to the same level. Also, students who miss a day or two due to athletic events do not miss valuable lessons and can pick up where they left off and catch up quickly.

Pinnacle Virtual

Another popular option for students is the virtual environment of Pinnacle Online. Students enrolled in the virtual program access the same curriculum as site-based students on their home computers. Students work directly with experienced instructors in all subjects, and they can work at their own pace, without the pressure of “keeping up” with a class. They can work at home in an environment free from the social distractions and peer pressure of traditional public schools, allowing students to focus on academics. Students can contact an instructor by phone or email anytime, and they also have the option of visiting a local site-based campus to get additional tutoring and help from site-based instructors and intervention specialists. Pinnacle Online has several significant advantages over other virtual high schools:

• Pinnacle offers a virtual homeroom. Participation in the virtual homeroom of an online course offers the unique chance to gain an in-depth understanding of classmates’ views. In a live classroom, it is sometimes hard to hear thoughts from introverted classmates who typically shy away from speaking up. Pinnacle’s online program provides a richer and more interactive virtual homeroom.

• Pinnacle allows students to develop a set of sophisticated virtual communication skills. Pinnacle’s virtual program utilizes the power of MSTAR to help students remember what they learn and to use advanced virtual communications skills effectively.

Pinnacle Charter School Student Athlete Phoenix AZAZ College Preparatory Academy Campus

AZCPA (AZ College Preparatory Academy) is the newest entry in the Pinnacle Charter Schools lineup and will serve as the site for our forthcoming Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program. This program will offer a variety of technology-related courses that will give students a head start for careers in these fields. The AZCPA Campus also utilizes a unique system to help build a sense of community within the school. One of the key aspects of this sense of community is that students wear a school uniform to create an atmosphere of belonging to the AZCPA team. The essence of unity can positively affect a child’s attitude toward school and can lead to better learning and improved attendance. A child excited about school is a child ready to learn! Hurrah for school pride! MGRM Pinnacle Schools also plans to start Technology classes during the 2017-2018 school year. After graduating from our technology program, students will be prepared to earn a reasonable income that they subsequently can spend toward their future goals.
Pinnacle Charter Schools and AZ College Preparatory Academy are home to all Middle and High School students and their families. We are currently enrolling students for Summer School as well as the 2017-18 School Year.
We serve all students, including:
• Student Athletes
• Talented & Gifted Students
• Students in the Visual and Performing Arts
• Medically Homebound Students
• Special Needs Students
• Struggling Students
• Bullied Students
• Families in Need of Flexibility
• Students interested in technology and software development programs from early school years.
• Students looking for credit recovery
• Concurrent students
For dates to our Open House, or to enroll, call 1-888-746-3301.

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