Tucson Turf wins rugged Pylon 7 on 7 Las Vegas Championship

An unheralded roster that brought home the trophy for a second-straight year.

By Steve Wiltfong @247 Sports

MESQUITE, Nev. – For a second-year in a row, the Tucson Turf hoist the trophy in Las Vegas, winning the Pylon Elite Camps Event, annually one of the most rugged 7-on-7 tournaments in the country.

It was an all-Arizona final with the Tucson Turf team full of players that combine for zero Division-I scholarships beating the more-touted State48 team and their roster featuring several future Power Five guys.

Tucson Turf beat a loaded Florida Fire team in the first game of pool play on Saturday and never looked back.

“I think we just really focus on attitude and effort,” Coach Toby Bourguet said. “We’re more about life skills and not football. We’re big on football we have an ex NFL player as one of our coaches and directors, but it’s about playing and being about each other. It’s the whole John Wooden thing, we don’t talk about winning, it’s about the preparation and working together as a team.”

Because of that, there’s been a whole lot of winning that’s come with it.


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