SAFE Football is a comprehensive instructional program that teaches coaches & players to take the head out of contact while improving player & overall team performance.

Monster: I have heard a lot of buzz about Safe Football and how your techniques increase player safety andSafe Football Training Phoenix AZ on-field performance. Can you give us a quick overall rundown of what you do?

SAFE Football is a comprehensive instructional program that teaches coaches & players to take the head out of contact while improving player & overall team performance. Our innovative techniques & drills were first adopted by top division 1 college football programs & NFL teams due to the performance benefits they offered. The response from college & pro coaches was overwhelmingly positive, but the inspiration for SAFE Football was based on the feedback from athletic trainers who (to our surprise) reported dramatic reductions & in some cases total elimination of concussions with their players.

SAFE Football offers Clinics, Camps and Advanced Training programs for coaches and players at every skill level from Youth & High School to the NFL, & our Instructors are all former NFL players who not only possess an expert level understanding of the game & its requirements to succeed at the highest level, but also the importance of protecting young athletes from head trauma.

SAFE Football was founded and based here in Phoenix AZ, but demand in recent years has taken us to nearly every major football market in the US, with over 450 High Schools & youth organizations trained since 2012.  We are proud to offer a sustainable solution to footballs concussion crisis, & we are committed to providing this knowledge to anyone & everyone who plays & coaches this great game with the ultimate goal of helping football continue without the devastating & unnecessary consequences of concussions.

Monster: How long have you been teaching your advanced techniques? Can you give examples of some of the football programs you have worked with?

SAFE Football is currently in its 5th year promoting safety through superior technique, & we’ve had the pleasure of working with players and coaches at every level in our sport. Some of the more notable programs to adopt SAFE Football are:

Pro: Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Cardinals, & the Washington Redskins

College: University of Washington, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, University of Texas, USC & Penn State.
We currently work with over 65 Arizona High Schools, and multiple youth football programs, including 3 of the 6 state championship high school teams.

Monster: How does your system improve player performance? Do your techniques work for all football positions?

SAFE Football gives each player a foundation level of understanding in the power available in their body and the proper fundamentals of positioning and placement of the player’s body and extremities. This combination of knowledge and fundamentals empowers each player with confidence, which allows them to successfully execute their desired task or assignment on the field. The SAFE Football curriculum applies to ALL players in ALL types of contact but we also have specific techniques that apply to individual positions on both sides of the ball.

Monster: How does your system reduce concussions?

SAFE Football has been able to effectively reduce concussions across all levels because our techniques call for the use of the HANDS AND SHOULDERS to engage in contact, not the helmet. What sets us apart (besides our performance enhancing techniques) is our year-round skill development program which allows players to develop & master skills BEFORE the pads come on for live competition. When a player commits to the training & development of these skills, the results are consistently positive. We continue to receive great feedback from schools and coaches as they continue to see their head/neck injuries as well as concussions go down from year to year, but again, the key to success is directly related to the level of commitment of implementation & skill development by coaches, players & their parents.

Monster: In addition to your camps and clinics I see you have online programs. Who do you recommend use these resources? Athletes? Parents? Coaches? League Administrators?

The SAFE Football Performance Library is a resource for anyone looking to improve safety within the sport as well as player performance. Our library is currently being used by players of all ages and skill levels from Youth Leagues all the way to the NFL. We have parents who utilize the online library to stay informed on the techniques and methods being taught to their child. Coaches have used the material in the library to brush up on specific coaching points in drills as well as the new content that is uploaded regularly. SAFE Football is on the cutting edge of player safety and performance and as the sport continues to evolve, Athletic Directors and League Administrators utilize our library as a way to stay informed and ahead of the curve.

The SAFE Football Performance Library was originally created to serve as a refresher for coaches & players following participation in one of our camps or clinics due to the large volume of information presented, but we do have subscribers who have successfully implemented our program without ever attending a live training event.

Monster: Where can we go for more information, to follow you on social media or enroll in your programs?

All of our information is on our website, but we are happy to answer any questions if you prefer to call or email. Phone: (480) 848-8273 email
For current updates, please follow us on social media:
Twitter: @SAFEFootballUSA

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