National Youth Sports of the Northwest and West Valley has a lot to offer our youth athletes!

NYS started as a small Arizona company over 20 years ago. Their mission of all of programs is to strengthen the individual, the family, and the community through participation in youth sports. Each program is centered around sportsmanship and emphasizes fun and the importance of fair play.

In this article we are spotlighting the NYS Northwest and West Valley location.

Monster: I have heard a lot of buzz about your new website and upcoming youth sports season. Can you give us a quick rundown about NYS and the sports you offer?

NYS: Absolutely! We offer year-round sports program for children ages three to fifteen in the Northwest and West Valley areas of Arizona! We offer Soccer, T-ball, Baseball, Girls Volleyball, Basketball, Flag Football, and Tackle Football (both 8-man and 11-man leagues) in all of our districts!

Monster: How long have you been running NYS in the Northwest and West Valley?

NYS: I have been associated with the Northwest and West Valley since becoming a part of National Youth Sports in 2000!

Monster: What kind of feedback have you received about NYS in the past?

NYS: Most of the feedback tended to revolved around customer service. Over the past five years of owning NYS, I was able to determine various areas of needs, all of which pointed towards customer service and communication. That is why I am so happy with our recent partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods, allowing us to provide the technology to now better serve our clients and has already improved our customer service in just one season!!

Monster: Is NYS open to everyone? What is the cost, age divisions, and game locations?

NYS: I am happy to announce that we just lowered prices for 2017! Our current non tackle football programs ofer a 6 game format for beginner aged children (ages 3 – 5) for $60 and a 8 game format for children ages 6+ for $80….That also includes the uniform top! For tackle football, we have changed the game once again, by offering 8-man tackle football leagues for $80 and 11-man tackle leagues for $100-$125 (for a 8 game guaranteed season!)

NYS Youth Sports Arizona

Monster: Do you have any nationally recognized tournaments?

NYS: Every summer, NYS embarks on San Diego, CA as we annually host our tackle football championships there each year! All NYS teams have the ability to attend and makes for a truly remarkable capstone for our tackle program! In addition, starting this year, our local league will now offer playoffs for our regular season programming (select divisions)!

Monster: Where can we go for more information, to follow you on social media or to register for the tournament?

NYS: is our main hub for all league related items and upcoming programs. Like us on Facebook at National Youth Sports – Northwest and West Valley Leagues!

If you are interested in coaching they are looking for those that want to make a positive impact by helping players achieve their goals on and off the field. With your help, each player will better develop their skills, learn to face any challenge and experience success!

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