Question: Why should I enroll in a recruiting service? My coach will help me get recruited.

Answer: You may be right, but there’s a big difference in helping you get recruited and in actuality getting you recruited and offered. Let’s assume that you are a good athlete who has the ability to compete at the college level. And, let’s say that your coach is very high on you and your abilities. Does this mean you are going to automatically be recruited? No, it does not. And here’s why. There are many other players out there just as good as or maybe even better than you. They are all trying to get the same scholarship that you are trying to get. It’s just like applying for a job where there are many qualified applicants, but only one person will be hired. You must remember that, in most cases, colleges recruit by position; therefore, you could be at a greater risk of being left out unless you really stand out over all others in the country at your position. Just being a good athlete is not enough. Recruiting is very competitive, and by no means do all good players receive offers. You must have a well-organized plan to promote your abilities if you want to ensure maximum recruiting opportunities. This is not your coach’s job and you should not depend on the coach or expect your coach to be solely responsible for getting you a scholarship. His or her job is to assist in evaluating your skills, work ethics, potential, etc. when and if a college becomes interested in you. Except for a few area colleges, most high school coaches have very few or no college contacts. Nor do they have the time or money to launch a comprehensive recruiting campaign for you. If you really want to participate in college athletics and have the competitive advantage over others, you need to do the smart thing and enroll. And you need to enroll as early as possible, even as a freshman or sophomore. We will give you a definite recruiting advantage over all other players that you will be competing with for that specific scholarship position. The chance to be recruited comes along only once in your lifetime. You must take control of your future now. Don’t procrastinate or depend on blind fate.

Question: Why will enrolling give me a big advantage?

Answer: Recruiting is a continuous process of evaluations. A “one shot” recommendation offered by other scouting services and even by most coaches does you little or no good. It won’t get you recruited. It will just give you false hopes and could ruin your chance for participating in college athletics. This is only the first of many steps that we will take to make sure you are promoted properly. Our ongoing promotions keeps every college constantly updated on such things as your game evaluations, improvements or progress, academics, statistics, high school coach comments and evaluations, honors, camp attendance etc. Your video (if applicable) may include complete game footage, skills demonstration, personal interview, and your coach’s personal recommendation of you. These are the things college coaches want, and these are the things that will get you recruited. What they don’t want is a ridiculous two-minute Internet video clip or junk mail from people or scouting companies they do not know or use. And, of course, they definitely do not want information from upstart Internet companies who have no control over the quality of athletes who just sign up and submit any kind of bogus information they want. Consider all these things, and then try to look at it through the eyes of a college coach. In the competitive recruiting wars, who do you think has the better chance of being recruited and getting offers: someone who signs on with some Internet or one-time resume scouting service, or someone who enrolls with a company well respected by all colleges and a company that provides the most extensive scouting services in the world?

Question: What do college coaches think about our service?

Answer: The number one thing that probably every college coach looks at first in a prospect is ability. They have to be convinced that you can play at their level of competition. Once they determine your ability, they will then evaluate other things such as grades, work ethic, attitude, desire, and character. Different colleges look for different things, depending on their needs and their level of competition, but they all require outstanding ability. Colleges have been using our service to recruit prospects for years. Why? Because they know that we do not accept just anyone. We only accept prospects that have been recommended and evaluated properly. We give college’s credible information and furnish thorough scouting reports on only legitimate prospects that can play at the college level. We have earned the trust and confidence of coaches, parents and athletes

Question: I have been told that if you are good enough, college coaches will know about you, and you will not need any more exposure. Is that true?

Answer: This is a very misleading statement. This kind of thinking will put you in danger of getting overlooked and left with empty dreams. So what, if some colleges know who you are? Does that mean you will automatically be recruited by them and offered scholarships? Hardly! Did the colleges know about all the good players that graduated from your school last year? Did all these players get scholarships? And what kind of offers did they get? Name recognition is only a small first step in the recruiting process. Do not let this “old fashioned” thinking influence you into believing recruiting is that simple. It is not. Colleges know about a lot of people just like you, but only a few will be recruited and eventually get offers. Recruiting is very competitive, and you had better not gamble your chances, because someone else, who also “didn’t need exposure” but was smart enough to take control of their future anyway, will take your spot. Remember, just getting an offer should not be your goal. You should want to have CHOICES. That’s important. The more offers you get, the more choices you obviously have. This will ensure a better education at a better college. Question: When do colleges start evaluating prospects? Answer: Different colleges start their recruiting process at different times, and this may also depend on the particular sport. As a general rule, colleges want to identify prospects and get scouting information on them as soon as possible. Division I schools, in particular, like to identify and follow prospects for several years, if possible. The sophomore or even the freshman year is the ideal time for outstanding high school athletes to be identified and promoted to colleges. Waiting until your senior year to try to attract college attention is a big mistake. It may not be too late for some colleges, but it certainly limits your chances, and it will definitely limit your choices. In any case, you would be wise to seek the assistance.

Question: Is it important to have a personal video?

Answer: Not only is it important, it is essential in most cases. Colleges are not going to offer you a scholarship just because someone recommended you or because they heard some good things about you. It’s just like making a big purchase: they want to see what they are getting, and they want to see it perform. Unfortunately for them, they are not able to see most prospects in person. This means that they have to depend on videotape inorder to evaluate prospects they recruit. If they can get a video from the high school coach it is often very poor quality and it may not show the prospect’s best qualities. Of course, in most sports, there will be no video available from the high school. We have professional editing facilities that allow us to produce a finished product that shows the prospect in a very favorable light and gives the college coach a good look at the prospect’s true abilities. As part of our service, we make sure that every college coach has the opportunity to view your personal video.

Question: Tell me about some other prospects who went through the Recruit program and how they feel about it. Answer: We have had thousands of prospects go through our complete scouting program,and many of them have become very successful because of the education they received at least partially through our efforts. Some have made it to the highest level of business success. We cannot name them all, but you can access a few of our recent testimonials at RECRUIT.

Question: What is the success rate of using a scouting service?

Answer: We let the colleges decide who can and who cannot play for them. Consequently 100% of our prospects get widespread exposure and recognition. It is difficult to know exactly what percentage of our prospects ultimately get scholarship offers. In some sports, it is almost 100%, but other sports it may be less. Getting an offer depends on many things, such as when you enroll, what your talent level is, your academic achievements, your scouting reports, and your personal videotape impression. In every case, your recruiting opportunities are increased many times by the fact that you are being promoted. This puts you in an ELITE group of qualified college prospects.

Question: I have heard that colleges have their own recruiting systems, so why do they need our service?

Answer: Colleges do have their own systems and each one has specific needs and criteria they require. We are a big part of many colleges’ recruiting systems, and we believe that we are an important part of the future of college recruiting. Our job is not to recruit for them, but to help them with their needs. Colleges are restricted by recruiting budgets, limited personnel and most of all, by strict NCAA rules. They are not allowed to scout and evaluate prospects the same way we can. We have much more freedom and leverage. And, of course, since we have scouts nationwide, we can be much more thorough in our scouting than any individual college can be. We continuously obtain and report scouting information to college coaches on every prospect. It is up to the college coaches to evaluate this information and decide who they will make offers to. The more continuous information they have and the better the information they have on a prospect is, the better chance that prospect has of being recruited and eventually offered a scholarship. We personally talk to numerous college coaches by phone everyday. It is not uncommon for us to personally communicate with 100 or more college coaches in a week. We do many things to help them out and to help our prospects get recruited. Our service is always free to every college and every college coach in the country.

Question: How do I know I will be good enough to play college ball when I graduate or if I will be academically eligible?

Answer: How do you know you will not? Your coach or professional instructor is your best recommendation now. Just work hard to improve your skills, get your grades as high as possible, and make sure you maintain good character and work ethics. Hopefully, you will become the prospect you want to be.

Question: I believe I will be a college prospect and so do my parents and coaches. However, we want to think about it awhile before we enroll. Is this a good idea?

Answer: Absolutely not. Procrastination causes more failures and missed opportunities than anything else. You have nothing to gain by waiting, but you have everything to lose. If you had a serious illness and needed an operation, would you wait? If you did, the illness would just get worse, and you would still need the operation. Your opportunity to participate in college athletics is very similar. Your recruiting chances diminish every day you put off seeing if you qualify to enroll with a scouting service.

Question: If I enroll, how will you promote me to colleges?

Answer: Please access our web page at RECRUIT for a list of services we offer. They are important and should be viewed by every prospect, and especially by each prospect’s parents. We are continually adding or improving some services that may not be reflected on this list.

Question: I am already getting questionnaires from colleges, so why do I need to enroll with your service?

Answer: A questionnaire is only an information form sent out by colleges. It does not mean that you are being recruited by a college. In fact, it is not an official part of the recruiting process. Some colleges will send out a thousand or more questionnaires each year, but will only sign 25 or fewer prospects. Do not make the mistake of thinking a college is going to recruit you just because they sent you a questionnaire. It does not work that way, and it is not that easy. However, if you are a good prospect and you are not getting any questionnaires or you’re only getting a few, it could be an indication that you are being overlooked. This should be considered a serious threat to your chances, and you would be wise to get some help with your personal exposure now. When you start getting questionnaires, always keep in mind that you are competing with many other prospects, just as good as you, who also got a questionnaire. What will give you the advantage over others?

Question: What does it cost to enroll with Recruit?

Answer: If you are a legitimate prospect with a proper recommendation, a Recruit counselor will arrange for a personal interview. You can visit our website at RECRUIT and look in the programs section for pricing.

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