Fooootball! These are great gifts for your kids anytime of the year and there is no doubt they will love them for many year to come!

Down … Set … Hut … !  Down … Set … Hut!

The Ball Cannon i+s expensive but it looks like it’s years of fun for all ages! The World’s First Recreational Football Launcher – Intended for Professional-Grade Fun! ADJUSTABLE LAUNCH ANGLES AND DISTANCES. Adjust the launch angle from 30° – 60° and distance from 10’ – 100’ for an infinite range of playing styles, drills and environments from football fields to small backyards. PROFESSIONAL – QUALITY SPIRALS. The highly-engineered, patented design of the Ball Cannon launch system assures consistent, professional quality spirals on every launch.

Nerf football ball cannon

Put Yourself In The Game with the Wilson X Football… Boy this thing sets the awesome bar really high. Blur the line between virtual and reality with the Wilson X Connected Football, the First Connected Football of the NFL. Create your own avatar and suit up like you’re starting on Sunday. When paired with any smart device, the Wilson X Connected Football and app track each throw with a breakdown of the velocity, spin rate, spiral efficiency, distance and Wx Rating – a comprehensive per throw rating calculated using all of your throwing stats.


Football Name Print by Personals-Prints – This is COOL, and is the perfect personalized gift for the football fan. Use the football themed letters to spell out a first name, last name or any word of your choice!

Football Name Print

Mom and Dad don’t mess this up… it’s important. Don’t buy the crap rubber Walmart football, PLEASE!  These are my favorite footballs and they come varying sizes.  The Nike Vapor Football is my favorite and just looks cool with the stitching. Wilson footballs are tried and true and probably used the most in the NFL, College, and Youth Football games, the Wilson GST 1320 is pretty sweet that any youth athlete will love.  The Under Armor 495 Composite Football is not leather but is a great football and has the lowest price of the three.
Nike, Wilson, Under Armor Youth Footballs

Now that we have the serious performance footballs out of the way for daytime use it’s dark and everyone wants to still play! Then you need the Tangle NightBall Football!  Featuring LED motion activated technology, the more it spirals the brighter it lights up. The NightBall Football is waterproof, bounces and floats, making it perfect to take to the beach or to the park with friends.


Start your aspiring Tom Brady and Larry Fitzgerald on the right foot. The Playbook football is designed to provide players with route options what are embossed directly onto the ball. Unique footballs designed to help provide players with route options Exclusive Spacelace lacing system makes the ball easy to grip and throw. Junior size is ideal for teaching children just learning how to play football Enhanced grip helps you throw a tight spiral.

Franklin Playbook Football

It’s never too soon to start reading to your children.  I think this is a great choice My First Book of Football. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED KIDS kicks off the football season with a brand-new series to help young readers learn the rules, plays, and basics about popular sports.


Kid Agains Quarterback Touchdown Football Skill Challenge and Toss Game – Indoor/outdoor Football skill challenge and toss game. 4 games in 1 – portable – with carrying case. 4 games in 1- Features like touchdown, Field goal, interceptions, Punts and more. Adults can play too … only during the commercials on Sundays.


Everyone had army guys as a kid, right?  Kaskey Kids Football Guys: Green vs. Black – These are even better, my kids love these big time, as they get older they will create formations, and learn a lot about the game.


All Stars Football Ground Kids Rug – It may only seem like a football field but kids will use this to creatively play football games on.

Youth Football Rug

So many fun things your kids can do with these. NFL Collectible Figures Quarterback Gift Set – Teeny Mates are 1″ collectible figures of your favorite sports teams. Own all your favorite NFL quarterbacks in one complete gift set collection! When not in use store them in the order of the current teams standing in their division.

In you don’t like the Teeny Mates these mini helmets are awesome too.  NFL Football Helmet Match-Up Set – Includes all 32 NFL team helmets with official team logos. Helmets fit securely into flexible foam panel and are visible from both sides, officially licensed by the NFL.

NFL Football Helmet Match-Up Set